(Frequently Asked Questions)

We are a Real-Time ticketing company that gives fans the ability to buy tickets anytime after the event has started with pricing based on how much time is left in the event. As time passes, tickets continuously get cheaper.

Emailed QR Code

Your ticket is sent to your email which includes a scannable QR code that you'll show when you enter the game. No paper tickets or app required.

Nothing tricky here just simply visit TicketSwift.com at any point during a game, find the seats you want, and pay. That simple. You'll see face value of the original ticket as well as how much you'll be saving since you'll going after the start time.

Nope! The only limitations will be how many tickets are still available for sale when you decide to purchase. Aside from that you have the freedom to buy tickets anytime during the event.

Currently we've launched within the NBA. We will be expanding to other teams and leagues quickly.

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